My Firefox Extensions

Posted by ryan
at 4:19 PM on Monday, March 28, 2005

For those times when I have to do a fresh install of Firefox, here are the extensions I can’t do without:

  • SessionSaver: Saves your open tabs when you close firefox so they’re there when you re-open
  • Adblock: Let’s you specify URLs to block using wildcard expressions
  • Tabbrowser Preferences: Better tab preferences without going overboard
  • Tab X: Gives you a close “x” button on each tab (in case Ctrl-W isn’t to your liking)
  • Mouse Gestures: Great way to define shortcut actions using your mouse
  • Resizeable Textarea: Let’s you resize text areas – for those times when your web based mail doesn’t quite give you enough room
  • Sage: Unobtrusive RSS reader

And you can’t forget these performance tips:

My JavaOne Submission ... Accepted!

Posted by ryan
at 8:41 AM on Wednesday, March 16, 2005

I guess after the somewhat sarcastic and critical tone of my previous post, I have no room to gripe anymore… my final submission to JavaOne has been accepted. It is entitled “Practical Application of Aspects in Everyday Development” – I hope it’s something that peaks your interest…

Just to wet your appetite, here’s the summary from the submitted abstract:

Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP) is a recent shift in software development that allows for transparent injection of functionality into standard object oriented designs. While obviously a very powerful concept, it seems to still be limited to very specific types of frameworks and not yet harnessed as an integral part of the developer’s toolkit. Frameworks such as the Spring Framework and PicoContainer utilize aspects to provide powerful transactional and runtime binding functionality, but are aspects limited to these types of container frameworks? This discussion will focus on the practical applications of aspects in everyday programming scenarios and the types of problems they can solve. From the transparent injection of logging to the validation of method parameters, aspects can be used as a standard part of everyday development.

Right now the talk is slated to be a Birds-of-a-Feather session which means it will be a pretty informal 50-minute evening talk with about 150 attendee slots. Time to start prepin’....

I originally thought I was being pretty damn over achieving by submitting 3 proposals to JavaOne, of which only one got accepted. But then you’ve got Debu Panda over there who got 3 submissions accepted – who knows how many he submitted? Well done, man.

List of Rejected JavaOne Topics...

Posted by ryan
at 4:51 PM on Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Like the front line of a civil war troop formation, the first wave of JavaOne presentation submissions have been mowed down. To track what Sun apparently doesn’t think is worthy of our time, here’s a list of topics known to have been rejected. This is less an excercise in public humiliation and more an excercise in making me feel like I have company in my futile Don Quixote-like quest.

Have one to add? Let me know about it. We can wallow in our sorrow and rejection together.

I guess I have to bite my tongue now :)